My Breathtaking Journey of Basketball

Do you like basketball? I don’t like it, I LOVE IT! I started shooting when I was five years old, and I’m still playing to this day. I only got interested because my older brothers started playing basketball and since I was the youngest, I did whatever they did. I started shooting for fun and playing against my brothers until I was seven or eight years old and then started playing in a league. When I went into a league, I practiced a lot and got much better over time, but then something terrible happened… the COVID-19 pandemic.

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly all throughout the world, everything was closed, everyone was stuck at home, but that gave me an opportunity to practice all the time! I would go outside for hours and shoot hoops in my driveway. I still have a lot to learn though, and look forward to that. That’s my journey of basketball and I’m going to continue to get better and better!

Wonderful Wisdom Tales Project


The picture shown above is a summary of the story Old Dog and Coyote in the book Wisdom Tales. There were different options of how I could represent this story. Some options included comic, stop motion animation, and Google slides. I didn’t want to choose a comic because I don’t prefer it when I’m reading a book. I don’t have any experience with stop motion animation, therefore, I was left with the option of Google slides, which I know how to use.

Old Dog and Coyote is a book about a dog who lived with a chicken farmer. The dogs only job was to protect the chickens, which he failed tremendously. The farmer yelled at the dog and then the dog felt humiliated and ran off into the desert. In the desert the dog saw a coyote and watched as the coyote jumped in a cactus, the dog felt bad and came running too the coyote taking each thorn out his body, one by one. The coyote thanked him and repaid the dog by prowling at the chickens, making it seem like the dog was saving the chickens. The farmer appreciated the dog from that day on.

Camp Hanes

There I was standing next to the bus getting ready for Camp Hanes! I was thinking to myself, what if I couldn’t sleep? What if the food was terrible? This was the first field trip I had taken in years. I was nervous. I expected the worst. The bus drive flew by and next thing I knew, we were there.

When we arrived, we started playing games. I was surprised that I was already having fun. Once we were done going through the rules, we checked out our cabins, then we ate. Right when the food hit my mouth, I knew I never wanted to leave this place. You can’t go wrong with mac’n cheese and chicken!

After lunch, my group went hiking. IT WAS HARD! The hills were so steep and the rocks were so unstable that we had to use ropes. Once we got to the top of the hill I saw the “magical view”. It was beautiful and it was definitely worth the hike. I had never seen anything like it! Once we relaxed on top of the hill for a few minutes we climbed back down in a matter of minutes.

Slowly the night came. It was time to sleep. I was on a sugar rush because we had just eaten s’mores. Could I do it? Could I make it through the night? To my surprise, I could and I did.

The morning flew by. We had just finished eating. Next thing I knew we were leaving in an hour. The bus came, we packed our luggage and then bye-bye Camp Hanes. On the bus ride home, I was thinking about how proud I was to finish the hike and make it through the night since this was my first time away from home!

My Backpack

In the book Finding Someplace the main character, Reesie, had to put important things in her backpack because there was a huge hurricane and her house was flooding. 

If I had to put important things to me in a backpack because a huge hurricane was coming, I would put my electronics first like my phone, iPad, computer and charger so I can try to contact someone. A small blanket is also very important because it will keep me from freezing to death as well as a small flashlight just in case the lights go out. I would need to put important papers like passports and birth certificates just in case my house flooded. All of these items are essential, including food and water, to survive a hurricane.

If I were stuck in a hurricane I would definitely need food and water. It is one of the most crucial things to bring because you NEED it to survive. I would bring something that lasts long like bars or chips, even canned food. A few water bottles would also be good considering that I don’t have that much space in my backpack. Hopefully this will be enough to keep me alive for hours, days or even months!